My Story

Acting, fashion, & rediscovering my femininity saved my life!

I grew up quiet and sad. I never expressed the real me and felt like I had to mold myself to fit in. Depression became my friend and a foe. It took a high school drama teacher to get me out of my shell. She told me to audition for a Shakespeare play, “Taming of the Shrew,” and she casted me. I played a valley girl wench and it was awesome! I did not have any prior experience with acting, but I was eager to learn. That was the defining moment of knowing how playfulness can heal your own heaviness. Fast forward to college, I begin to explore fashion and take an interest in it. It felt good to make decisions for me vs. thinking I had to choose my styles to please others. I overcame the voice of bullies calling me “ugly” “too dark” and “boy” to embrace my feminine side. Fashion empowered me to take my black joy back with style. I still walk outside with a crown on my head, and I don’t care what others think… especially when they find out it’s not my birthday. Why do I have to wait until a birthday to be crowned anyway?

Fast forward some more… I decided to create my blog covering fashion, travel, and wellness in 2018. And let me tell you… I changed the name and its content over and over and over again. Failure seemed to drive me in the right way. Exploration seemed to be the key to birthing purpose and to conquer my depression.  I noticed that I didn’t just want to create things that promote just a product ‘the influencer way’… I wanted to reveal the aesthetic beauty found within myself and other womxn. Creating content for reflection and inner transformation and power. There are so many skin colors and body shapes ought to be cherished and celebrated. I decided to make that a focal point. I changed my name to Haus of LaLa in 2019 and it stuck. I want to inspire others through fashionable play and exploring life (the good, the bad, and the ugly things). I want other womxn to heal and bloom into their most authentic self, whether it takes fashion, travel, play, or mindset tools, I am here for it!  Haus of LaLa became a safe refuge for womxn to continue to love themselves and form a fashionable image that brings healing. Acting and fashion has been so therapeutic for me because it took the undressing of who I am in order to put on the clothing I was made for.

What I’m doing now

My aim is to continue to help others bloom into the person that they want to reveal inside of them using play, archetypes, feminine essence and spiritual teachings. I host #FashionFriday on my insta stories to display trends, pop culture, and fashion awareness of the past. I am also working with a lifelong friend to elevate black voices called Black Beauty Rising.

Fun Facts

  • My life surrounds the 4 Fs: Fashion, Family, Faith, Flowers
  • I was once selectively mute as a child.
  • I performed in the Vagina Monologues to raise awareness on Intimate Partner Violence.
  • The Cookie Monster and I are best friends!  I have a huge addiction to cookies… the crunchier the better!
  • I flew to 3 continents, 4 countries in a 2 week span (Dubai, Malaysia, Egypt, Lebanon)… now that was wild!
  • I’m a Vision Board Party Queen! I need more storage for all the magazines I have!

LaLa’s Vision

I want for you

To fashionably bloom into your most authentic self by learning how to grow your intuition and playful spirit.

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